My Crafty Bits

Not a page about my cunning vagina but about the things I make using my hands (and feet).


HONK tees now available!

HONK if you love feminism

T-shirts cost £15 and are available in small, medium or large.

Postage is charged at £2.95 for orders under £50 within the UK.

All profits to Arts Emergency and Women & Children First (UK).

I visited Japan in April 2011 and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I highly recommend you all go. I was there 2 weeks after the earthquake & tsunami and I didn’t die or go radioactive. Please go to Japan and support the country and its wonderful, wonderful people.

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Photo: I bought all these socks in Tokyo.
I bought all these socks in Toyko

One of the many amazing things I saw in Japan were the hosiery shops. Oh, my, goodness. The future of socks is an exciting place to be.

I tried to find somewhere in the UK to feed this new sock hunger but only one shop does it and they are far, far too many beans for me.

So I started designing & making my own socks inspired by the ones I saw in Japan. And I now sell them to other people wanting to join in but not being able to afford 22 beans for one pair of socks.

Please buy my socks.

Photo: sample 'Story on a Postcard'

Also over on Etsy I sell these neat Story on a Postcards.

Handcrafted, individual short stories written on the back of a postcard.

I really enjoy writing these. Give me a topic or character names or a location and I’ll write something unique delivered to your door.


(Crochet Robots)

ALSO I just learned to crochet things and when I showed Twitter they went BALLISTIC§ and it practically crashed the servers. Have a look at them, why not.

  • Photo: Zombie Crobot
  • Photo: Mechanobot Crobot
  • Photo: Thinker Crobot
  • Photo: Monkey Crobot