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Welcome to the website of Nadia Kamil - comedian, writer, actor, sock-maker

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Nadia Kamil is my name. It is the sum total of all the official names I have been given. If this name is not to your satisfaction I am also known in certain rap circles as “Naddles”.

Please avail yourself of the many glorious things on my glamorous website.

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Latest News

We all know that laughter is the best medicine - but is it though? Nadia has decided to definitively find out the answer by training as a doctor. She is due to graduate from the University of Nottingham with a medical degree in 2021. In the meantime, she is still open to work offers subject to availability (Did you have any idea how intense graduate medicine is? No, neither did Nadia. However, radio jobs are perfect for squeezing in between anatomy labs and clinical skills workshops). You can get in touch via Jess Molloy at Curtis Brown.

Other recent projects (aside from learning to save lives, be a hero, etc.) include the Beef & Dairy Network Podcast which she frequently appears on. Nadia also got a couple of best supporting actress nominations for a feature film released last year called Buzzard Hollow Beef which is available to stream.

If you want recent images, it's a good idea to follow her on Instagram - @NadiaKam

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